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The retail industry is under siege; not simply from ever-changing technologies, but also from ever-changing consumer tastes and shopping habits. How can retailers – of any product category, online or off – win in today’s market?  Will you survive and prosper or will you be the next casualty like Payless Shoes, Sports Authority or RadioShack?

This book covers some of the largest challenges facing the industry (not just Amazon) and identifies opportunities that companies can utilize to gain a competitive advantage. Whether harnessing big data, establishing or reorganizing a ratings and review system, creating unique in-store experiences, or taking advantage of shifting demographics, companies can glean insights and incorporate these into their operations starting today.

The book concludes with personal interviews of senior management from several prominent retail chains, sharing their perspectives and offering a vision of the future.  The Future of Retail is the 3rd book published by industry veteran, Elias Amash, President of GRIP.  Mr. Amash has been a trusted partner and distributor in the retail sector for over 20 years and shares his insights into the future of the retail industry.

Author:  Elias Amash, President, GRIP

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